Startup? Start Now!

Aug 6, 2021

Entrepreneurship entails always pushing ahead. Never giving up, never allowing self-doubt or fear to take over, and believing completely that even a bad decision is preferable over no decision at all. Being an entrepreneur requires a person to accept ambiguity and be fine with being challenged regularly. Choosing this route is considered irrational sometimes because the prospects of success are bleak, but having faith in yourself is what takes you forward. 

Yuva and SIIF have been closely working together to foster entrepreneurship spirit in college. Various initiatives were taken up, even during the pandemic to ignite the entrepreneurial zeal among the students.

Yuva talks, an initiative that aimed to inspire, motivate, encourage and nurture entrepreneurial mindset among the students as well as the youth was conducted during the pandemic. Accomplished speakers like Dharamveer Singh Chauhan (Co-Founder & CEO, Zostel), Ankit Aggarwal (Founder & CEO, Dare2Compete) amongst others enlightened the attendees with their own experiences and journey. 

Along with building the entrepreneurship ecosystem among students, SIIF and Yuva have also worked together to conduct events that helped early-stage startups and entrepreneurs to scale up their ventures. Investor’s Pitch Day, an event that provided young entrepreneurs a platform to pitch their business in order to seek investment support, was organized by Yuva and SIIF, along with a startup food fest. Investors from renowned firms participated actively to motivate and support the startups. Some of the investors on the panel were Mr. Ravi Kant (an independent investor), Ms. Tanya Kapur from StartupEd, and many more. Saurabh Jain (Vice President, PayTM) on the occasion said, “Entrepreneurship is not just a profession, but a state of mind.” He talked about the importance of job creation and self-learning. Almost 300 students witnessed 15 extraordinary shortlisted startups who presented their ideas and made their offer to expand their businesses by providing an equity stake to the investor panel. Multiple startups received awards from SIIF and PayTM collectively. 

“It’s not about ideas, it’s about making ideas happen”. Ideation is the easy stage and taking an idea from the nascent stage and making it a reality requires patience, determination, and right guidance. SIIF provides guidance to startups through mentorship Support, seed Funding, and  Networking opportunities. It provides startups with a huge pool of investors, VCs, and professional contacts along with a team of experienced professors and consultants. SIIF and Yuva always have their doors open and welcome any and every idea with open arms. Both the organizations have always encouraged students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, after all The only thing worse than starting something and failing is not starting something.