Get Set Ideate with SIIF

Aug 7, 2021

SIIF works closely with Yuva – The Entrepreneurship Cell of SSCBS, by bringing in the best of professional practices, to support and garner upcoming entrepreneurs. Be it students, alumni, faculty, or any person from outside the SSCBS fraternity, it collectively helps aspiring entrepreneurs to set up new ventures and to create new businesses. SIIF has constantly endeavoured to foster the entrepreneurial spirit amongst students by actively engaging in activities, events, programs, and pitching sessions with an unwavering commitment to offering support to student-run startups. In collaboration with Yuva, SIIF has organized events like the Lufthansa impact week, the E-summit, and Springboard that focussed on developing and fostering entrepreneurial spirit among the students with a footfall of more than 3000 participants

Recognizing SSCBS’s thriving entrepreneurial culture, SIIF and Yuva support college students in bringing their ideas to reality through sustained encouragement and mentorship, fostering a culture of creativity and innovation. By conducting webinars, online sessions, and open houses with entrepreneurs and business experts at regular intervals, SIIF and Yuva engage with the student community to facilitate the translation of ideas into real-time practice. 

In the past year, SIIF has conducted various workshops to suit the needs of interested students and faculty members. Virtual Expert Talk by Dr. Ajay Garg (Associate Professor, EDII Ahmedabad) was held to encourage students and faculty members to explore entrepreneurial opportunities and entrepreneurship as a life skill and a career avenue.   This session stimulated ideation and provided an understanding of the putative business model.

Another workshop was held in association with Prowisdom. More than 50 students and faculty members from SSCBS participated in this workshop. The workshop generated good outcomes and helped students to come up with fresh ideas.

SIIF has provided a wide range of services to its clients since its inception, these include critically examining start-up concepts, assisting founders, and promoting entrepreneurial culture among students. It has operated as an independent corporate entity, allowing it greater freedom in bringing in the best professional activities to support aspiring entrepreneurs. Its’ alumni base, startup founders, and professors guide the team on how to best serve startup founders. SIIF provides mentorship support from the brainstorming phase to the pitch deck to refine startup ideas. An experienced team of specialists offers proprietary information, sound advice, and access to a vast network of experts. SIIF, over the years, has upheld its vision to promote a startup culture in the college and support students to unlock their true potential.