Design Thinking For Start-Up Success Workshop By Ms. Ramya Mahendran

Mar 2, 2022

Ms. Ramya Mahendran is the founder of Design Squiggle, a company that is dedicated to bring affordable best in class innovation services and consulting to India-based institutions and organisations.

Ms. Ramya is a design thinking expert and business model coach who envisions new offerings, creates contextual consulting services and delivers the best of workshops and strategic coaching to students, young entrepreneurs and positively contribute to set up an innovative culture at organisation of all shapes and sizes.

Before Design Squiggle, Ms. Ramya worked for more than 7 years with the Cognizant Innovation Group and Cognizant Accelerator as an Innovation Consultant and Coach and worked with the aspiring intrapreneurs and help them shape their ideas into viable business models.

Prior to working as an innovation consultant, she also contributed to the growth of Cognizant group in Programmer Analysts capacity for almost two years. Ms. Ramya is an MBA in Finance and HR from Satyabhama University as well as a B.Ed. in Computer Engineering.

Ms. Ramya works with student entrepreneurs to build their business ideas into successful business models. She works with some of Tamil Nadu’s leading Technology and Business Incubators, Institution Innovation Councils and Entrepreneurship Cells. She specializes in setting up innovation strategy, opportunity identification, large-scale ideation campaigns and facilitating rapid prototyping events like design service jams and hackathons, organizing large-scale Innovation summits and global idea crowd-sourcing events.

We are privileged by her gracious presence with us today and are looking forward to be enlightened by the tremendous knowledge that she is about to impart.