About Us


Witnessing cohorts of passionate entrepreneurs graduate every year, SSCBS has always been recognised as the paramount institution advocating entrepreneurship and startup culture.

Yuva – The Entrepreneurship Cell of SSCBS, emerged as the flag bearer of the ever-brimming entrepreneurship culture in SSCBS by constantly engaging in activities that fostered innovation at the collegiate level and seeing successful startups flourish every year. Being a trailblazer of student entrepreneurship and home to a multitude of successful startups, SSCBS was unequivocally the ideal avenue to harbour the foundation of an institution that aimed to transform ideas into reality.

Supplementing the Delhi Government’s vision of promoting innovation and providing financial aid to startups, SSCBS was ready to embark on a new journey by setting up an incubation centre at the heart of the newly developed college campus supported by a state of the art infrastructure. Offering a promising future, SSCBS Innovation and Incubation Foundation (SIIF) was set up as an independent Section 8 company (Indian Companies Act 2013), under the Incubation Policy of Government of NCT, Delhi to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship.

SIIF works closely with Yuva by bringing in the best of professional practices, to support and garner upcoming entrepreneurs. Be it students, alumni, faculty or any person from outside the SSCBS fraternity, they collectively help aspiring entrepreneurs to set up new ventures and to create new businesses. They’ve constantly endeavoured to foster the entrepreneurial spirit amongst students by actively engaging in activities, events, programmes and pitching sessions with an unwavering commitment to offering support to student-run startups.


We, at SIIF, aim to serve as a vibrant and a sustainable resource catalyst to support and nurture creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship among students and to assist the creation, growth, and success of the incubatees from ideation to marketplace.

We aspire to connect with experts from different industry domains from all across the country to help businesses grow, generate revenues, bring about social transformations and cultivate a platform for our incubatees to connect and learn.

We aim to become a center of excellence that fosters synergy between academia and the industry that fuels entrepreneurial spirit and provides one of the most enabling ecosystems in the country.

Who are we?

SSCBS INNOVATION AND INCUBATION FOUNDATION (SIIF) (Established as a Section 8 company under Companies Act 2013 with CIN U74999DL2016NPL306887) is the Incubation Centre at Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies (University of Delhi)

SIIF has been accorded recognition by National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), Department of Science & Technology (DST) via their letter No. 22/1/2018-NEB/4 dated 11.7.2018, as “Technology Business Incubator (TBI) under notification number GSR 130(F) dtd. 27.2.2014 and General Circular Number 21/2014 dt. 18.6.2014 issued by Ministry of Corp. Affairs” for the following purpose:

  • Promote entrepreneurship by identifying & supporting innovative ideas
  • Provide mentoring and industry networking
  • Provide incubation infrastructure – work space, computing resources, connectivity, common tools, offices, library
  • Provide seed-funding

SIIF has also been granted exemption certificates under section 80G and 12AA by Income Tax authorities and has also been registered under NGO Darpan. It has screened more than 450 ideas for evaluation and has received funding of more than Rs. 02 crores (as on 01 Jun. 2021) by the by the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (GNCTD).

Chairperson's Message


“Entrepreneur is someone who has a vision for something and a want to create.”

Entrepreneurs are the people who identify problems, develop creative solutions and drive change through innovation. They pave the way forward, leading to the social and economic development of the community and the country.

I am very proud to say that over the past 3 decades Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies (SSCBS), a constituent college of the University of Delhi (DU) has been encouraging entrepreneurship, innovation and a can-do spirit. Students from our college have made their mark in national and international fora; we are recognized as a great learning institution by multiple agencies of national repute such as NAAC (Grade ‘A’) and India Today (Best undergraduate college in India for undergraduate management education in June 2020).

Recognising our capabilities the Government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi (GNCTD) chose SSCBS to be one of the first colleges in Delhi with an Innovation and Incubation Centre. Founded in 2016, SIIF provides a progressive and comprehensive platform for entrepreneurs. 

Entrepreneurship is about always moving forward: never stopping, never allowing fear or self-doubt to take over, and believing wholeheartedly that even a wrong decision is better than no decision. An entrepreneur needs good communication skills, perseverance and a constant ability to learn. SIIF strives to bloom an entrepreneurship ecosystem in the college under the Incubation Policy Govt. of NCT, Delhi.

I can proudly say that SIIF through its series of activities,  events, programmes and pitching sessions is on track to fulfil its vision of becoming a centre of excellence that fosters synergy between academia and the industry that fuels entrepreneurial spirit and provides one of the most enabling ecosystems in the country. SIIF does this by connecting with experts from different industry domains from all across the country to help businesses grow, generate revenues, bring about social transformations and cultivate a platform for our incubatees to connect and learn.

Lastly, we believe that small ideas can make a big impact and so we invite you to come along and help drive change and make the world a better place – bit by bit.

Our Institution

Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies (SSCBS) is one of the premier undergraduate institutions imparting education in the fields of management and information technology since it was established in August,1987 by the Delhi Administration on the initiation of UGC and the Ministry of Human Resources. CBS (as it is popularly referred to), has in a short span of 3 decades, established itself as the leading undergraduate management school.

Being conferred with an “A grade” by the NAAC, SSCBS has consistently scored a top rank in the NIRF rankings. It has also been declared as the Best Undergraduate B-School in India by the India Today Rankings 2020. 

Major milestones

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Our Team

WhatsApp Image 2021-11-17 at 11.30.57


Dr. Saket Chattopadhyay

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Prof. (Dr.) Poonam Verma

Principal, SSCBS, DU

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Yuva Team Members 2020-21

Student Team

YUVA, The Entrepreneurship Cell of Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, is a group of students with a zeal to actively promote and develop an entrepreneurial mindset among budding the youth, in an attempt to manifest their covert entrepreneurial spirit by exposing them to the joys and obscurity of this field.
Set up in 2009, Yuva has contributed in providing the college with numerous successful startups – motivating the young entrepreneurs to believe in themselves and their dreams. Vahdam Teas, InstaGo, Event Horizon India, Red Herring Ventures, Hollr and CarKhana.com are some of their eminent ventures that have made their mark in the startup ecosystem. The E-Cell aims to not only show one the door to opportunity but also equips them to walk through it.

Yuva developed its Accelerator unit, Y-Accel, in 2020, in collaboration with SIIF to promote the growth of small scale startups and facilitate their integration into the startup ecosystem. It helps startups prepare for incubation and funding, all the while equipping our team members with the necessary know-hows of the startup ecosystem.

Advisory Committee

  • Shreya Jain (President)
  • Yatin Miglani (Vice President)
  • Akash Goel
  • Nihal Goyal
  • Paayas Takkar
  • Priyansh Bachani
  • Samridhi Goyal
  • Siddeeq Ahmad
  • Sudarsh Kansal
  • Vanshi Agarwal
  • Vidita Dhingra
  • Yashika Ahuja

Core Committee

  • Ansh Magon (Coordinator)
  • Chandinie Grover (Coordinator)
  • Aditya Thakur
  • Anant Sharma
  • Ashish
  • Harshdeep Singh
  • Harshjit Singh
  • Ishita Bhardwaj
  • Keshav Verma
  • Khushi Katyal
  • Niyati Jain
  • Priyanshu Gupta
  • Raavi Jain
  • Shefali Garg
  • Tanyushvi Garg

Organizing Committee

  1. Aditya Thakur
  2. Anant Sharma
  3. Ansh Magon
  4. Arpit Bajaj
  5. Ashish Jangra
  6. Avnish Agrwal
  7. Chandinie Grover
  8. Harshdeep Singh
  9. Harshjit Singh
  10. Ishita Bhardwaj
  11. Ishu Garg
  12. Jasmannat Jaswal
  13. Kaartik Mangla
  14. Kanishk Goyal
  15. Keshav Mundhra
  16. Keshav Verma
  17. Khushi Katyal
  18. Manan Khurana
  19. Niyati Jain
  20. Priyanshu Gupta
  21. Raavi Jain
  22. Rishi Singh
  23. Shivam Singh
  24. Shefali Garg
  25. Tanyushvi Garg
  26. Vansh Kataria

Our Facilities

[krth_services service_style=”krth-service-four” open_link=”true” service_icon=”fa fa-cog” service_title=”title:Co-Working%20Space”]SIIF offers technically equipped co-working office spaces to all its incubatees. It provides them with a working environment like no other with access to all kinds of facilities including personal cubicles, electricity, water, high-speed internet, and cafeteria refreshments, all with the best-in-class infrastructure in the capital city.
[krth_services service_style=”krth-service-four” open_link=”true” service_icon=”fa fa-qrcode” service_title=”title:Mentorship%20Support”]SIIF has a team of experienced Professors and Consultants who along with a wide network of industry experts, provides mentorship and guidance to students and startup founders.
Right from the ideation stage to the final investor pitch deck, SIIF provides mentorship support to fine-tune the ideas. SIIF helps a business to construct a comprehensive business case and KPIs.
[krth_services service_style=”krth-service-four” open_link=”true” service_icon=”fa fa-money” service_title=”title:Access%20to%20a%20pool%20of%20Seed%20Fund”]SAfter analysing the feasibility and profitability of a business idea and making sure that it is bullet-proof , SIIF gives them access to seek funding from its pool of funds granted by GNCTD, making the incubatees’ journey from idea to reality a home-like experience.
[krth_services service_style=”krth-service-four” open_link=”true” service_icon=”fa fa-sitemap” service_title=”title:Networking%20Opportunities”]With SIIF’s huge pool of investors, VCs and professional contacts, SIIF provides its incubatees the chance to learn from and connect with Venture Capitalists, partner investors and other professionals. One gets to network first-hand and pitch the idea in a business- relevant scenario.[/krth_services]
[krth_services service_style=”krth-service-four” open_link=”true” service_icon=”fa fa-user” service_title=”title:Alumni”]Great ideas are being cooked up, stay tuned![/krth_services]

Our Network

SIIF is building a network of investors, business mentors, industry experts and business professionals to help students connect and learn.

It aims to provide its incubatees access to venture capitalists, business angels and strategic partner linkages through investors, mentors and other partner organisations.

Watch this space for more.

Our Partners

MoU with IID (Institute for Industrial Development) – an incubator under Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India

MoU with AIC-BAMU (Atal Incubation Centre at Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad, Maharastra)